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What are we doing?


You can go to Reddingsbrigade Amstelveen for the following licenses and diplomas:

Elementary - 1st bath
- Make anhydrous
-Face in the water

Elementary - 2nd bath
- Make anhydrous
-Face in the water
-Teaching swimming strokes

Elementary - 3rd bath
-Improve swimming strokes
-Regular practice in the 25 meter pool
We do not work with colored dots. In this pool, everyone individually continues to the 25 meter pool


National Swimming Certificate A.

National Swimming Certificate B.

National Swimming Certificate C.



Junior Savior

Junior Savior 1

Junior Savior 2

Junior Savior 3

Junior Savior 4


Swimming Savior

Swimming Rescuer 1

Swimming Rescuer 2

Swimming Rescuer 3

Swimming Rescuer 4


Life Saver

Life Saver 1
-With theory

Life Saver 2
-With theory first aid

Life Saver 3
-With theory & first aid

Reddingsbrigade Amstelveen is active in the following safety regions:

Safety region 11
Zaanstreek-Waterland safety region

Safety region 13
Amsterdam-Amstelland safety region

For more information about the use of the rescue vlet, please contact us via the contact form.


National rescue fleet (NRV)

Reddingsbrigade Amstelveen manages a unit from the National Rescue Fleet (NRV).
This consists of a vessel and trained crew, who are ready in case of (expected) major water calamities to provide assistance in their own safety in the Amsterdam Amstelland and Zaanstreek Waterland region and far beyond in the Netherlands.

Rescue Brigade Netherlands has a formal task with regard to evacuation and assistance in flood disasters, for which it has entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Justice and Security and the National Disaster Fund. For this purpose, Rescue Brigade Netherlands has stationed 75 continuous standby and 15 reserve rescue units throughout the country, specially designed for sailing in flooded areas and for evacuation purposes.
The crew of these boats (1700 volunteers from the 166 Rescue Brigades) are ready 365 days a year for possible deployment within 1 hour. Every year, two emergency drills are organized for some rescue units.

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