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New Environmental Law

As of January 1st, the new environmental law has come into effect. Measuring and monitoring our swimming water has become even more crucial.

Exceeding the established values can result in the closure of certain pools, and Zwembad de Meerkamp may face fines. Therefore, it is important for all of us to pay attention to the following:


To ensure hygiene and safety in our swimming pool, all visitors participating in activities in the pool must take a shower first. This simple act maintains a clean and healthy swimming environment, reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and other unwanted particles in the pool water, and contributes to positive values.


Unfortunately, some visitors still enter the wet area of the pool with (dirty) shoes. The wet area includes everything once you leave the changing rooms towards the pool. We ask everyone to pay extra attention to this. We will also be vigilant and address anyone wearing shoes in areas that are not allowed.



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