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Reddingsbrigade Amstelveen no lessons in instruction pool

Dear parents of the Amstelveen Rescue Brigade

As you may have read in the Amstelveen media, De Meerkamp for the time being does not allow the use of three pools (target group pool - instruction pool and the wave pool). This is due to technical problems that arose after the renovation in the summer holidays.

Unfortunately, this also affects the lessons at the Rescue Brigade Amstelveen. In the next few weeks, we can't use the instruction pool. This means that the elementary swimming groups will not have lessons.

However, the lessons in the 25-meter pool will start again on 10 September: 9.00 to 9.45 or 9.45 to 10.30.

We will inform you when the instruction pool can be used again.

For more information also see the website of De Meerkamp:

Kind regards

Board of Rescue Brigade Amstelveen

Ton Bakker


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